3Doodler Flow Essentials 3D Printing Pen Set with FREE! Doodle Pads

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Purchase Options: 3Doodler Set
Recognized by the New York Times as the best 3D pen on the market, the 3Doodler Flow jumpstarts creativity by providing new ways to design things, make art, and customize your space. The latest version of the world's first 3D printing pen, the 3Doodler Flow features dual-drive technology with improved control and ergonomics. The textured pen casing and new digital screen make it a comfortable handheld tool for everyday use. There's no complicated software or hardware learning curve. Just plug in, add a spool of PLA filament, and begin creating. We also provide a wide array of getting started materials to help ensure a great experience right out of the box, including a mobile app with hundreds of stencils and tutorials. Perfect for creators of all ages to let their imagination flow with BPA-free, non-toxic plastic that is industrial compostable and can be recycled!

Features include:

State of the Art Versatility
Crafted by the pioneers of the original 3D Pen. This marvel of technology supports various 1.75mm filaments, including PLA, and ABS! The integrated LCD ensures you're always in control, providing real-time temperature insights for a flawless 3D printing experience.

Artistry for Everyone
Whether you're a budding artist or just love experimenting, the 3Doodler Flow is your new creative companion. Designed for ages 14 and above, this 3D pen turns ordinary afternoons into exciting art adventures. Let your imagination run wild and watch as stress melts away with each 3D creation.

Effortless Creativity with Instant Results
Say goodbye to complex setups! The 3Doodler Flow is all about simplicity. Plug in, load up your favorite 3Doodler Flow filament, and in moments, you're ready to craft 3D wonders. Whether you're sketching in thin air or over stencils, the quick-hardening filament makes 3D art a breeze.

A New Twist on Playtime
Dive into hands-on, screen-free fun. The 3Doodler Flow isn't just a toy; it's a gateway to unleashing creativity, bringing ideas to life. Enhance the learning experience in a unique, 3D way.

Practical, Compact, Perfect
Beyond art, the 3Doodler Flow is an incredibly handy tool. From crafting personalized gifts to DIY home fixes, this lightweight, compact pen is a must-have for your creative toolkit. Use it wherever your inspiration strikes!

BONUS! Products: Includes Two (2) 3Doodler Pads FREE! ($9.98 Value).

The essential tool to creating your best Doodles! With helpful gridlines for accurate Doodles, the 3Doodler Start DoodlePad provides a flat surface for young Doodlers to doodle and create all of their designs. It is perfect for use with stencils simply place the stencil under your DoodlePad, trace over it, and then lift up your creation after it cools! It is compatible with 3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen! The only thing limiting you is your imagination. What will you create?

What's in the Box?
  • 3Doodler Flow 3D Printing Pen
  • 1.75mm PLA Plastic mini spools in 8 colors
  • Stencil Sheet
  • Ultimate Guide to Doodling
  • Power Adapter
  • Maintenance Tools

Additional Purchase Option: Add One (1) or Two (2) 3Doodler Flow Refill Spools for $15 Each (Regularly $19.99 Each)

The 3Doodler Flow Refill Spools include a selection of 20 vibrant colors to transform your ideas into tangible works of art. Watch as designs come together with a new level of detail and precision with 3Doodler's premium filament. Each Spool is three meters long for extended creativity!

Weight: 440g

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