Acer Predator Aethon 700 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (While They Last!)

$199.99 $149.95 Save 25%

Eligibility: Everyone qualifies! No Academic ID required

Different game, different set of skills, and most likely, a different keypress. With the Predator Aethon 700 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard, you have twice the power in a single total package.

Features include:

Tactile? Linear? Both!
Quickly toggle between a tactile, clicky keypress or go all-out with optical for a press that’s linear, smooth, and a tad more silent. With the precise tracking of the optical sensor, the Aethon 700 registers and tracks actuation with complete precision.

Spin to Win
Rotate the roller to immediately change volume without having to alt-tab or sift through pesky menus. The rough-textured roller spins into action with ease so you can stay focused while the always familiar, ever-helpful function keys make managing media an afterthought.

Never Miss a Press
In the heat of the moment, a single missed keypress can spell defeat. With full N-key rollover (and being 60 million keystroke rated), press as many keys (simultaneously if needed) for as long you like.

Light it Up! Your Way.
Take total control over lighting to the tune of 16.8 million colors with the option of customizing the backlight of each key. Afterwards, experiment with 7 preset lighting modes and alter them to your liking.

Elegance with An Edge
Relish in the metallic touch of the anodized aluminum faceplate and the comfort of the detachable magnetic wrist rest.

Speak to the Quartermaster
The Predator Aethon 700 is a programmable keyboard – so you can customize settings, such as lighting, macros and more via Predator Quartermaster.

Compatibility: Windows 7 through Windows 11