Adonit AI-Vocal Smart Stylus & Voice Recorder for iOS (On Sale!)

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Eligibility: Students, Faculty/Staff, Schools

The all NEW! Adonit AI-VocalSmart Voice Styluls is the new life hack that's perfect for iPhone and iPad users. This dual-mode Stylus boasts a quick switch between iPhone and iPad devices. User green light* for all touchscreens and blue for new iPad versions supporting palm rejection.

Features include:

Easy Recording
Built with 2 omnidirectional microphones with professional DSP noise reduction technology that filters noise and restore perfect audio moments. Picks up sound from distance up to 2 meters away and save 9 hours of audio with internal memory.

Recording While Writing
Do all 3 things at the same time: recording, taking notes and drawing Perfect for lectures, lab work, group study sessions and more.

Personal Assistant
Weighing just 15g, the portable recorder has a luxurious appearance, comes with a precision pen holder and enhances personal texture and charm. Comes with a USB-C charging cable and can be used for 12 hours after 45 mins of charging.

EXCLUSIVE Adonit-One App
When AI-Vocal is not connected with the Adonit One app, the audio files will be stored in the stylus’memory. After connecting to Adonit One, the audio will be automatically uploaded to the app and converted into text. It includes five functions:

  • Audio-to-text
  • Video-to-text
  • Multi-language Translation
  • Digital Note
  • e-Sign PDF

* - Green light for 2017 iPad or earlier models.