Apple MacBook Air 13.3" Laptop (2019) 1.6MHz/8GB/128GB (Refurbished) w/Office 2024

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Color: Space Gray
Case: No thanks

Eligibility: Students, Faculty/Staff, Schools

Color: Space Gray
Case: No thanks
  • 8GB RAM Memory
  • 128GB Hard Disk Storage
  • Dual-core 8th-Generation Intel Core i5 Processor
  • ‎2560x1600 Max Pixels Retina Display
  • Two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports
  • Stereo speakers with wider Stereo sound
  • 3.84 Pounds

SoftMaker Office Standard 2024

  • TextMaker, word processor with tremendous design options 
  • PlanMaker, spreadsheet for designing appealing worksheets
  • Presentations, presentation software with video export

SoftMaker Office Standard 2024 offers an affordable, fast, and easy-to-use alternative to Microsoft Office. It uses the Microsoft formats, such as docx, xlsx, and pptx, as its default file formats to skip the annoying import and export. It includes TextMaker 2024, PlanMaker 2024, Presentations 2024 and BasicMaker 2024. It supports Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Export into Adobe® PDF (Portable Document Format) directly for quick and easy online distribution or PDF/A for an archive. Users can choose between user interface with modern ribbons or classical menus in each application.

TextMaker is fast, powerful and compatible. Just as a good word processor should be. Microsoft Word .DOCX format is a default file format of TextMaker 2024, so you can open documents and templates created with TextMaker in Microsoft Word directly and vice versa. The built-in spell checker corrects in 75 languages and the 8-language thesaurus will always help you find the right words. 


If you have worked with Microsoft Excel, you'll pick up PlanMaker 2024 immediately. You neither need to re-accustom yourself to new formulas nor to new calculation functions. It is all compatible. It can easily open, view, edit and save .XLS, .XLSX and .XLSM formats, as well as templates in .XLT .XLTX and .XLTM. 430+ built-in functions will help you with any task.

Presentations 2024 enables users to create high impact, dynamic presentations, multimedia slideshows, project proposals, interactive reports, movies and demonstrations. With this alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, you can easily open, view and edit presentations (.PPT,.PPS,.PPTX,.PPSX, and .PPSM) as well as template (.POT,.POTX and POTM) files. Export in portable presentation, video, html or PDF is fast. 


BasicMaker 2024 is easy to use development environment for Windows, which allows you to create, debug and run scripts, for automated processing on your documents and spreadsheets. Scripts created in BasicMaker can be executed directly in TextMaker and PlanMaker. Included graphical dialog editor can create dialog boxes that allow users to interact with their scripts and more. 

  • Licensed for 5 users / household or 1 user / organization 
  • Perpetual lifetime license for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office DOCX, XLSX, PPTX
  • Export in PDF and PDF/A archive
  • Export presentation to portable slide show, HTML or PDF
  • Transferable, can run from USB drive
  • The built-in spell checker for 75+ languages