Actiontec ScreenBeam Classroom Commander License for ScreenBeam 960 1-Year Subscription (Each)

By combining wireless display connectivity with premium orchestration functionality, ScreenBeam Classroom Commander improves lesson flow and collaboration by untethering teachers from the classroom display and enabling classroom agility. Now teachers can move freely and interact with students without interrupting instruction. Constructive feedback is made easy with support of Windows Ink and touchback, allowing teachers to annotate directly onto a student screen from the classroom display - even when student devices are not natively touch-enabled.

Features include:

  • Foster teacher mobility and classroom agility
  • Wirelessly present teacher screen when ready
  • Preview student screen before wirelessly displaying
  • Interactive display support plus touchback
  • Supports Windows Ink native in Windows applications
  • Real-time monitoring of student screen and active applications
  • Launch browser to designated URL
  • Command attention (blank screens and lock keyboards)
  • Message individual or group
  • Includes ScreenBeam Central Management System (CMS) software
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 10 S devices (laptops, tablets or two-in-ones)
  • Does not require additional bandwidth and server to deploy