Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" MA561LLA Replacement Battery

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Save big on a replacement battery for your compatible Apple MacBook Pro 13.3"!
Please Note: There are no returns permitted on this battery for incompatibility issues. Direct exchanges are accepted for D.O.A. batteries.
This new replacement laptop battery from eReplacements is 100% compatible with your ma561llab and is Black in color and is rated at 5400 mah and 10.8 Volts. eReplacements laptop batteries all come with a 1 year warranty and will meet or exceed the original 3120191 laptop battery specifications because they are manufactured for high performance in our ISO 9000 factories using the best quality cells and most up to date safety and engineering control standards. Safety measures include High/low temperature shut off protection, Thermal runaway protection, Overcharge shut off protection, Over discharge shut off protection, Cell imbalance shut off protection, Fire resistant plastic casing. Our batteries are manufactured using the most up to date TI BQ20Z chip set. Thousands of resellers, dealers and service companies over the years have trusted eReplacements to provide their customers with quality replacement laptop batteries.

Compatible with the following:

  • Apple MA561LLA
  • Apple A1185
  • Apple MA561LLA-EV7
  • Apple GSA1185A
  • Apple MC-MBOOK13W
  • Apple 6615070APP
  • Apple 6614413
  • Apple 6614571
  • Apple 6613958
  • Apple 6614703
  • Apple 6614254
  • Apple 6615070
  • Apple 661-5070APP
  • Apple 661-4413
  • Apple MA566
  • Apple M566J/A
  • Apple M566G/A
  • Apple 661-4571
  • Apple MB771ll/A
  • Apple MA561GA
  • Apple 661-3958
  • Apple 661-4703
  • Apple 661-4254
  • Apple MA561LL/A
  • Apple MA561LL
  • Apple MA561G/A
  • Apple MA561G
  • Apple 661-5070
  • Apple MCMBOOK13W