Avid AE-35 On-Ear Headset (White)

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Eligibility: Everyone qualifies! No Academic ID required

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The AE-35 is a personal headphone derived from Avid's most popular headset model, the AE-36 with microphone. The design has been specifically created and reinforced with the school environment in mind and is already used by thousands of children around the country. This headphone comes with Avid's signature braided Nylon cord for extra resistance to chewing. For these reasons, it is perfect to give one to each student in the classroom and is easily stored in individual desks.

Its lightweight and mid-size ear cups make the AE-35 ideal for a child or young adult. Both the ear cups and the headband are made with padded vinyl that is easy to clean and keep sanitary. Additionally, the cord is 6-foot long to accommodate children of any age comfortably and wraps into a Velcro tie for easy storage.