BlocksCAD for Education School Licenses (Download)

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Users: Up to 100 Users 1-Year Subscription
Users: Up to 100 Users 1-Year Subscription
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BlocksCAD is the graphical, engaging, and effective way to teach coding, where the outcome is improved math & computer science skills.

Learning Programming With BlocksCAD

In BlocksCAD, you write a computer program to describe a solid 3D model. So you can:
  • Use variables to make a design that can change sizes - like a ring where you can specify the finger radius.
  • Use loops to make even patterns shapes in a design - like the numbers on a clock or the steps in a staircase.
  • Use randomness in models - like a forest randomly generated from different types of tree shapes
  • Use conditional logic to add patterns to your shapes - rotate every other ring in a line to make an interlocking chain.
  • Use modules to build up your own library of shapes to use in designs.

BlocksCAD is based on the open-source programming language OpenSCAD, a powerful and popular language in the 3D maker community. BlocksCAD's block-based interface makes programming accessible to students as young as 3rd grade (8 years old), but is powerful enough to continue making sophisticated designs through high school.

Learn Math with BlocksCAD

Learning Math with BlocksCAD BlocksCAD is a great tool to build geometrical proficiency and other math skills. Building models is fun, so students are highly motivated to practice these skills as it enables them to make really cool stuff:
  • 3D cartesian coordinates
  • Positive and negative numbers
  • Decimals
  • Solid shapes, like cubes, spheres, and cylinders
  • Geometrical transformations, like translation, rotation, reflection, and scaling
  • Set operations, like union, difference, and intersection
  • Arithmetic, including order of operations
Older or more experienced students can use BlocksCAD to:
  • Use variables to create parameterized models
  • Plot trigonometric functions
  • Plot parametric functions
  • Learn polar coordinates
  • And more!